After years and years of working on our feet, we began to ask ourselves the question, why aren’t there a few decent options for work shoes available on the market? After doing some research, all we could find were sneakers, work boots, or slip-resistant shoes. And while all of them seemed like plausible options, we struggled to find an “all-in-one” work shoe – until now!
We’ve strategically designed Twinkle Amber Safety Shoes to serve as the modern-day answer to that very same question. These work shoes are built to last, they’re built to function in a number of different environments, and they’re built to protect the body against workplace hazards.
Here at Twinkle Amber Safety Shoes, our mission is to provide safe, comfortable and stylish work shoes. We don’t skimp out on our materials, we only use lightweight and extremely durable material to ensure that our footwear solutions are strong and safe.
Each and every day, we’re hard at work looking at new designs, styles, and footwear solutions that can help the working individual ensure that their feet are protected at all costs.
We like to envision ourselves as more than just a footwear company. In our minds, we’re helping out the working individual by providing them with a quality footwear solution built to last in a wide variety of working environments.

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